Many of you received information handed out on Sunday August 19th asking you to pray over this year’s deacon nomination and election process.  If you haven’t received it, the information will be available again Sunday August 26th.

Each church member that is old enough to understand the importance of process, may nominate as many as four men to possibly have their name on the ballot to fill four positions to serve the church as deacons. Once again, we want to use the deacon family ministry to collect these nominations.  You may fill this out this form and give it to your deacon at any time.  Please note that each family member of age may submit as many as four names.  Your deacon ministry representative will be making efforts to contact active members in his group.  Please prayerfully consider the importance of this process for the church to have the best Christ centered leadership possible for the future.  The deacons will be calling, texting and sending email to encourage members to take part.  We need to have all nominations collected by Sunday September 9th.  A list of the current deacons that are serving are listed below.  Please make your selections knowing these men are not eligible.

List of Current Deacons

2018 (Rotating off)
Mark Johnson
Mike Johnston
Roger McGuire
Carl Whisnant
John Boyd
Chris Eckard
Greg Johnson
Ned Ward
John Coffey 
Jerry Church
Larry Knight 
Jerry Witherspoon