The best way to be connected and involved at FBCGF is through church membership.
It not only brings you into community with other believers, but it gives you a place of accountability, encouragement, and somewhere to be used in serving God’s kingdom.
When we trust Jesus Christ as our Savior, and give our lives to Him as our Lord, we are part of the body of Christ. Even though we are to grow in our person relationship with Jesus, we become part of something bigger than ourselves. We are members of a community of believers, the Kingdom of God, which is focused on bringing glory to God.
The church is not a man-made institution, rather a movement that began after the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. It is God’s plan we read about in Acts 2:42-2:47. It is a community of believers that grow in faith, encourage each other as believers, and take the message of the gospel to those who do not have a relationship with Jesus.
To join our community of believers at FBCGF,
it’s important that you do so in “one” of the following three ways:
One of the purposes behind church membership is to be a part of a community of believers. Therefore, at the point of your conversion by faith in Christ, you can join the church as a candidate for baptism.
Baptism doesn’t save you, but it is your first declaration of obedience and commitment to follow the Lord Jesus. It is a public portrayal of you identifying with the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus.
You can join our community of believers at FBCGF by giving a “statement of faith” that declares you have received Christ as Savior & Lord, and have been baptized by immersion. 
We would present you as a candidate by statement of your faith and thereby receive you into the fellowship and community of believers that make up our church.
If you have received Christ and were formerly a member of another community of believers in another church of like faith and order, then you may come as a candidate for membership by transfer of letter.
We would request and your former church fellowship would send a letter to us confirming your membership there in good standing.
It is best to set up a time to meet with the pastor before joining so that he can
hear your story and explain the process of how we receive members.