We have been blessed with facilities that our church enjoys! We desire for others to use them for God’s glory as well.  In order to create a safe and clean environment for our church and your event, we have some guidelines to follow.

Facility Use Guidelines

All others (including inactive members, non-members and other organizations) should follow the fee schedule provided in this facility use agreement. Fees are often waived for schools, churches, and other non-profits if approved by church leadership in advance. All FBCGF events take precedent over other events. We reserve the right to prioritize the ministry needs of our church and its families over those events that have been scheduled. We will always seek to honor our facility use agreements.


Want to Reserve a Facility? Follow These Steps Below!

*Reservations Can Be Completed Online or in Person at the Church Office*

Step #1: Save the Date

Is your date available? Please check the calendar to make sure. (fbcgranitefalls.org/calendar-of-events) You can request date by calling the church office.

Step #2: Policies & Application

After approval of date, you must review our policies (rules, costs, procedures) and complete all necessary forms for policies and agreement. Though date is confirmed, application must still be approved before use of facilities are secured. 

Step #3: Submit & Pay

Return or submit necessary forms online or in person. Pay your fees in person at the church office or mail them to the church along with the forms. Forms and payment are required to officially reserve facility for use.

Please Fill Out and Submit Application Below