“Let your light so shine before men, that they see your good works, and glorify your Father in heaven.”
Matthew 5:16
Serve, Not Be Served
When you become a part of a community of believers, it is important to be consistent in corporate worship, find a small group study to join, and figure out where you will use your spiritual gifts to serve within the church. One seminary professor once said, as we grow in Christ, there comes a point when we need to “Take off our bib, and put on an apron!” Yes, we should always receive something from our church in order to grow in Christ. But if we aren’t pouring into and serving others, we’ve missed the point of “growing the kingdom”.
Where are you serving?
God has gifted us all in many different ways. The purpose of those “gifts” and talents are to serve the church and others in order to make it possible for the gospel message to go out to individuals in the community and to the world. There are many, many different ways to serve. From the smallest task, to the most important position, it is all important when it comes to seeing the Kingdom of God grow.
Is God calling you to teach the bible in a specific context within our church? It may be kids, student ministry, or adults, but maybe Jesus is leading you to lead by teaching!
Do you have a musical talent that God has developed in you? We could utilize you greatly in our praise team, choir, orchestra, handbells, or other great musical categories.
Maybe you’re someone that loves the “technical” side of life. Do you enjoy tasks like running lights, a sound board, a computer during service time? These positions are vital to helping our church function during Sundays and Wednesdays.
Children’s Ministry AKA (FBC Kids)
Do you have what it takes to hang out with children? Teach them? Do music and games with them? You may have what we need to engage with children of any age and lead them to know more about God and a relationship with Jesus.
Student Ministry
If God has given you a heart for older students, our student ministry for  (7th-12th Grades) may be a good fit for you. We are in need of new workers that will assist our current leadership. Pray about helping lead in FBC Student Ministry today!
Missions Strategy
Ultimately, God gives each one of us a heart for the nations, beginning with our community. Do you have a desire to help us develop a missions strategy? Is God calling you to help us lead some mission trips in the near future? Maybe God is calling you to full-time missions! Pray about it.
Yes, God has called each Christian to be involved in telling the story of the gospel to those who need a Savior in Christ. However, there are those who have a desire to lead others in evangelism, train them, and help develop discipleship efforts for new believers. Is this you?
Are you gifted when it comes to making graphics, utilizing social media, advertising, or working with our website? Let us know if this is something you enjoy and we may can use your talents to keep our image fresh and visible for the world to know what He’s doing @ FBCGF!